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One of the many benefits of selecting a Serviced Apartment is that it will allow you to live as you would at home and enjoy the simple things that you take for granted. Here's how a serviced apartment will improve your quality of life whilst away from home:

Work, relax and entertain:-
Because our service apartments are well equipped for business, with high speed wireless internet and international news channels, if you need to work late you can do so in the comfort of your own home. With a full range of sports channels available, you'll never miss an important game or the opportunity to invite your friends round to enjoy it with you.

Cook the food of your choice:-
Nothing makes you feel more at home than cooking your favourite meal. Hotels are well known for offering rich food and a limited menu, which makes it difficult to cater for everybody. We recognise that our guests travel from all over the world and have a diverse range of dietary requirements. This makes it all the more important for us to provide kitchens which are fully equipped to prepare all types of food. There is nothing more sociable than preparing your favourite meal and enjoying it with friends at your own dining table.

Work flexibility :-
Hotels are renowned for having rigid timescales for check-in, check-out and meal times. We appreciate that your busy work schedule and travel plans might not work in accordance with a set timetable. Why not enjoy the flexibility of being able to prepare a snack when you arrive home late from work, rather than being told that the kitchen has just closed!

Be independent:-
Why not experience life without restrictions? Our apartment gives you the freedom to come and go as you please and lead a normal life whilst you're working away from home - you can even invite your friends and family to stay with you. Because every apartment is well equipped with all the facilities that enable you to cook your own meals, wash your own clothes or enjoy your favourite takeaway, you can maintain your independence throughout your stay.

Privacy of being at home:-
There's nothing like having your own front door! We respect the privacy of our guests and appreciate that you can only feel properly at home, when you know who is coming and when. Our team of friendly, discreet and trustworthy housekeepers will visit on the same day every week, leaving you the rest of the week to relax and enjoy the comforts of home.

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