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Chandivali on the interiors of Andheri East along the left side of Saki Naka is a picturesque area most famous for Chandivali Studios where a lot of film shooting takes place. The place is serene and beautiful but not devoid of feelings.

Dining –
Chandivali has some quaint Indian cuisine, very traditional. It has some old dining places which are ethnic, which includes Thambi, Banjara, Moti Mahal, Kosho and Ginger among other traditional places. Owing to the quaint and tucked in nature of the place, there is a reasonable diversity to cater to every palette. The culinary scene out here is pretty traditional and Indian. The restaurants, bars and pubs are all open late till night and there is everything to suit every pocket.

Entertainment –
Entertainment finds a new dimension at Chandivali. Besides the normal stuff, there is live manufacture of entertainment in the famous Chandivali Studios. There is film shooting on most of the days carried there. There are theatres, gaming studios, and a whole variety of entertainment. For the more adventurous there are bars and casinos and discotheques. Chandivali bustles with energy and beauty and has left no stone unturned in any realm of consumer engagement.

Shopping –
For those you care enough for shopping, there is nothing missing much in this area. It has enough trade and commerce to keep it going. There is enough retail for people to splurge on. Sahara Plaza, R-City Mall, Galleria Shopping Mall, Huma Mall are some of the top notch shopping centres in Chandivali having everything for almost every age group. Whether it’s luxurious things or the basic ones, one can find almost anything one is looking for to shop.

Corporate Presence –
Chandivali is not deprived of serious business too. Whether it is Emphasis Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Thermo Fisher Scientific India Pvt. Ltd. Seclore Technology Pvt. Ltd. Abro Technologies, Affordable Solution Labs, the place is abuzz with corporate ways of life. Besides, there are a number of trading agencies, retail and supply business littered around in Chandivali. Chandivali is inviting to stay whether you are a traveler with a business purpose or you are out on leisure.

The area is ensconced in one of the more isolated and exclusive parts of Mumbai, which makes for a perfect stay whether you're planning your stay for business or for leisure. Our service apartments in Chandivali will serve as a perfect pad for you to enjoy you want to live life at your own pace.

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