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Besides being a railway station in South Mumbai, Marine Lines is also an area. Once upon a time, Marine Lines was also the name of the road on which Bombay Hospital and Liberty Cinema stand. Marine drive is one prominent driveway, which connects Chowpatty to Nariman Point. Its one of the most scenic areas of South Mumbai. It is well connected by train and road being one of the southern parts of Mumbai. Our service apartments at Marine Lines are spacious 2 and 3 BHK fully furnished apartments, which are easily accessible by any direction and has easy access to all the outside world.

Dining –
The dining scenario at Marine Lines is again very cosmopolitan and suave. There are many restaurants Aye Dios Mio, Kyani & Co. Sassanian, Dark Temptations, Panchavati Gaurav, Café Metro, Balwas Restaurant, Bhagat Tarachand, Liberty Lunch Home, Hilton Towers are some of the dining places, which rise above the ordinary. They serve delectable and a wide variety of cuisine to people who come this side of town. The culinary landscape is pretty international and varied. The restaurants, bars and pubs are all open late till night and there is everything to suit every pocket.

Entertainment –
The entertainment scenario around Marine Lines and adjoining areas are pretty varied. There is Metro Cinema at VT and other theatres in the vicinity. Besides films, there is scope of a lot of international performances, plays and live music, which are performed almost every weekend in big experimental and national level theatres such as NCPA and Kala Khoda. There is a wide variety of scope for entertainment as we head towards south Mumbai. Today’s modern life has its own pressures and compulsions and therefore entertainment is the demand of the hour. Technology is pervading in a big way and no aspect of life has remained untouched. There is virtual simulation, gaming zones and thematic explorations of entertainment to suit every age. There are casinos and gambling centres in hotels and particular places.

Shopping –
Shopping is a major attraction for all those people who are local or have come from outside. There are plenty of brands, showrooms, and departmental stores and malls, which keep antique and exquisite things for discerning buyers like art decos, paintings and sculpture. Besides those a lot of commodities ranging from the basic needs to the most luxurious are available for purchase. Bombay Store, Akbarallys and Taj and Hilton Towers are all in the vicinity. For people who are looking for variety can also find a lot of stuff in South Mumbai streets, the most famous one being the Fashion Street. There one can find a lot of trendy garment accessories and style statements in garments.

Corporate Presence –
Marine Lines is not devoid of corporate presence. We have the Express Towers, a lot of multinational banks and travel agencies, which are spread across Marine Lines. We have many international insurances companies like Liberty Insurance, which have got a presence in South Mumbai. We have the Air India building, which serves as the corporate headquarters of Air India. There is no dearth of corporate presence in and around Marine Lines. Marine Lines is clearly one of the picturesque, urban and classy spots of Mumbai and there are untold unlimited attractions to savor.

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