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May 25, 2019



Service apartment offers home from home comforts. It provides a secure and comfortable environment. It gives enough space to feel like home. You don’t need to worry to live in shrink place and adjust into it. It includes separate living sleeping space and a separate kitchen. It comes with added home comforts like wall murals, good interior design, furniture, small accessories as well as all the entertainment equipment like TVs, DVD, music system, free Wi-Fi and so on.


Service apartment provides up to 30% more space than a hotel and private accommodation providers. Service apartment comes, in all shapes and sizes for families one, two and three bedrooms apartment attached with washrooms. It provides you all the amenities. It provides communal areas like a dining area and separate longue for the family to get together and spend their time.


Service apartment provides a fully-equipped private kitchen. It is the plus point of the service apartment. You can enjoy your family’s favorite meals even when you are at the place where no one knows you. It is beneficial for longer stays. A serviced apartment comes with fully-equipped kitchen replete with cooker, dishwasher, fridge and washer dryer which gives you all ease to cook. If you simply don’t wish to cook but want to stay, you can call upon the concierge to organize the service of a private chef (Caretaker) who will cook and serve a meal just for you. Having your own kitchen on your travel is a huge bonus plus if you are looking for your own budget. You have your own cooking facilities. You don’t need to splash out in the restaurant during your whole trip.



Service apartment provides services at a nominal rate unlike a hotel or private accommodation. Rates are usually not charged per person but rather usually charged per apartment. Beneficial rates are generally available for a longer stay so you can enjoy. It is especially important for bigger families. Service apartments are generally charged per night. You have the flexibility to stay for one night. Hall and kitchen are the plus point you get that can’t be possible in any luxurious hotel, Where you can spend quality time with your family and it is not just to restrict your rooms. Cook food for your family any time for fun or just ask caretaker they will take care of all.


Service apartment provides service 24-hour concierge service. It provides service by name and service by nature. They make all the social arrangements, transportation arrangements and other arrangements. They are always available to meet the needs of guests.


What we search all about the entertainment, now it is possible if we go somewhere as Service Apartment usually come with a TV and DVD player and stereo. Most service apartment provides free-wifi to keep all the family entertained and connected when you are not enjoying the city. It provides you all the relaxation means to keep your mood fresh. Then why not opt for Service apartment which comes with the entertainment pack. Family can sit in the hall area and can talk to each other while in another way one can relax on their bedroom while others can still talk without any disturbance caused to you.


Service apartment provides up to 30% more space than a hotel or private accommodation. It is a plus point to come with family or friends and stay. Suppose you have booked a hotel had a long, active day with the kids and you finally come back to your room, you don’t need to stay in a cramped place like a hotel or other private accommodation. You can sleep with relaxation, you can watch television freely, you don’t need to do the adjustment. On a family holiday, you are entitled to relax and enjoy your adult time. Service apartment fulfills your such needs. Kids can also utilize this space on their free time to play and why don’t you also become a kid and enjoy those spacious things in your memories.


Service apartment provides services which make you feel like home. From having a separate kitchen, separate bedrooms, and living spaces. It also provides entertainment facilities which give you relaxation like home. Service apartment allows you to maintain your family routine. It gives you all the ease to manage your daily routine. You can manage your daily routine. Being able to keep your usual routine, makes you feel like that you are in your own home.


Service apartment provides you all the privacy and security facilities. Service apartments are fully equipped with safety, cameras, rooms, and safe locks are secured, entry and exist are fully covered, and fire safety is also available.
It provides you full privacy. You will not be distracted while doing any meeting, enjoying your time or doing other works. You can concentrate on your work easily, you can enjoy and relax your holidays freely mind with your family. So, surely go for service apartment which provides you full term privacy and security.


Service apartment provides you all the comfort and coziness. You have all the familiarity, comfort and safety like home. It gives you 24/7 concierge which ease your stay. You also get a welcome pack on arrival. All toiletries, Cleaning part is taken care the same as hotels. While working kitchen and washing machine like facility make you feel like home. What else one look when you enjoy the trip with family as a homely feeling.

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