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August 3, 2019

Business Facts about Kalinath Maran

Kalanithi Maran is an Indian media baron who is the chairman and founder of the Sun Group He owns television channels, newspapers, weeklies, FM radio stations, DTH services and a movie production house. He also held a major share in the Indian airline Spice Jet.

The wheel of Fortune is a continuum process in which the two most prominent and vivid results are Success and Failure. One example is Kalanithi Maran who did taste both. Kalanithi was born in 1965 in Tamil Nadu, India. He is the heir to a very powerful political member of the country’s polity. His father is the former Union Minister of Commerce, Murasoli Maran.

Kalanithi Maran kick-started his economic journey in Sumangli Publication as the Circulation Clerk. In the late 1980’s, Kalanithi started working for Kunkumam, a weekly Tamil journal. Then in 1990, he introduced VHS, a monthly Video News Magazine – Poomaali. This magazine was publicized abroad, and got popularized amongst the Tamilians of India. However, the publication of this journal was ceased in 1992, due to plagiarism. He introduced SunTV with a capital of US $86,000 from a Bank Loan, on April 14, 1993.

Kalanithi owns the largest TV network in Asia. Sun Network is a company associated with media and affairs. At an elementary stage, Tamil programs were broadcasted for three hours in ATN Channel under the title ship of Sun TV. With gradual increase in its popularity, the Sun TV network proliferated to 24-hours media channel in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Bengali languages.

Kalanithi gained time for success in the media industry, and furthered the ever-rising Sun TV due to his control over the several channels in South. At present, Sun Network touches millions of hearts (approximately 96 million) from India and even from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, South Africa, and US. This company was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange on April, 2004 ($133 million)Kalnithi’s journey was not at all smooth and disappointments were a frequent visitor to his luck. He hailed from a powerful family background, which happens to be his major problem in career. In 2007 the political party which had initially backed him, turned its back to Kalanithi. In 2010, he was accused and a criminal offence was lodged against him by Jak Communications.

Kalanithi was honored with the title of Young Businessman from CNBC, ERNST & Young.
Here are some few Facts about Kalinath below,

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