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August 2, 2019

Timeline History of I-Phone Models

Timeline History of I-Phone Models

The Timeline History of I-Phone Models started 11 years ago, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, Starting from a touch screen i-pod to launching an I-phone X Apple. Eventually, I-phone has set up their mark at a different level. Apple started with a small i-pod which had a touch screen operations and was easier to operate the system and its processing system was unique in its own way.

Steve jobs started launching I-Phones in 2007. Apple sold 13 million iPhones in the device’s first five quarters on the market. In 2010, the number of iPhones sold since its debut surpassed 70 million. In 2011, Apple announced it had sold 100 million iPhones. That same year, Apple eclipsed Nokia as the mobile phone manufacturer with the most annual revenue.

Apple regularly releases new iPhone models, introducing new features and design changes.

As of 2017, the newest version was the iPhone X, which eliminated the traditional Home button in favor of a fully touchscreen interface. These small changes in every version of i phone has its new uniqueness with a new design. The timeline below will explain you the series of the iphone.

The Timeline conveys changes in the models of an i-phone these changes bring new operations in the phones and also in the progressing history of Apple.

Below is the Timeline History of Apple Models

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