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Service Apartments in Gramercy Park New York


Gramercy Park is located in the Borough of Manhattan and the name belongs to both the park and its surrounding neighbourhood. Pajasa service Apartments offers best quality service apartments in Gramercy Park New York. The service apartments segment is the fastest growing one in entire hospitality business. This is primarily due to the transition of almost all the companies around the world to service apartments from hotels. Service apartments can cost up to 30% less than hotels offering similar facilities and the savings in food and laundry is close to 60% in comparison. They also offer more space and are located in business and commercial districts in all locations as they cater primarily to the corporate. Pajasa provides service apartments in several cities and is one of the fastest growing companies in hospitality business. You can conveniently locate service apartments to suit your style and budget in Gramercy Park New York.

Local Info

Gramercy Park is a small private park spanning 2 acres in Gramercy Park Historic District. The surrounding areas also go by the same name. The entry to the park is only for the local residents who pay an annual fee and the public is not allowed inside the park usually. The sidewalks around the streets are popular for walking jogging and dog walking. The neighbourhood falls in the Manhattan Community District and is considered to be a very quiet, safe and secure place to live in. Gramercy Park has a unique character and New York Times has likened it to “A Victorian gentleman who has refused to die”. It has also mentioned that there is nothing else like Gramercy Park in the country. It is a Historic District as per New York City’s Preservation Commission. The service apartments in Gramercy Park New York are a delight to live in and you are assured of memorable stays.

Aout Gramercy Park

Gramercy Park gets its name as Anglicization of the word “Crommessie”, a Dutch word. Edwin Booth was one of the most prominent residents of the area and the Gramercy Park has a statue of him. The area got its historic district on 20th September 1966. It is a beautiful area and has protected itself from the real estate price upheavals in Manhattan. It is also considered one of the best places to live in and East 19th Street is known as “Block Beautiful”. The streets near Irvine have maintained their aura and status as very fashionable residential blocks making one think of West End of London. All the service apartments in Gramercy Park New York are stylish and modern.

FAQs About Serviced Apartments in Gramercy-park:

Q1: Do you offer corporate rates for Serviced Apartments in Gramercy-park?

As the serviced apartments are primarily used for corporate stay, we always offer the best discounted corporate tariffs for our service apartments in Gramercy-park. Please mail from your corporate id to for best discounts.

Q2: What can I expect in my Gramercy-park Service apartment?

A warm home like feel with hotel like amenities, fully furnished rooms with AC, TV and modern amenities, a dedicated caretaker, complimentary breakfast, homely food, immediate response to any kind of complaint. And yes,that all are near prime locations in Gramercy-park.

Q3: How do I make a reservation in PAJASA Service Apartments in Gramercy-park?

Making a reservation with PAJASA is a very simple process; you just need to make a phone call or drop an e mail with details like total number of guests, location and check in and checkout dates. Our representative will check for your requirement and reply back with reservation details

Q4: Who can/should use serviced apartments?

Even though serviced apartments are primarily used by companies to host their employees, they can be used by anyone looking for a comfortable homely stay with hotel like amenities on an economical budget.

Q5: In which cities does PAJASA Apartments have its apartments?

Pajasa has quality verified service apartments in cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Bengaluru, and Kolkata, Other cities details can be found in advance search

Q6: Is it ok to use serviced apartment for stay during medical treatment in Gramercy-park?

Medical Tourism and the IT industry were two of the main segments to cater serviced apartment industry came into existence as part of hospitality business. Service apartments offer a cheaper alternative to hotel stays, which makes them a perfect choice for patients and their relatives. There are several service apartments close to some major super specialty hospitals in Gramercy-park.

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